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Niki Movers (Pvt) Ltd is a Full Service Moving Company serving all kinds of house moving, office moving, parcel and packages moving, furniture, piano, safes and all kings of office and household item moving. lorry for hire colombo

We provide all the required services from mini trucks to large lorries, drivers, helping staff, required equipment, packaging, dissembling and re assembling items and safety.

Our services are open 24/7 all year around and we assure to provide you the best moving experience.lorry for hire colombo

077 83 83 383

    ඔබගේ සියලුම ලොරි රථ ප්‍රවාහන කටයුතු සඳහා දැන්ම විමසන්න...

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    House and Office Moving

    House moving, office moving, business premises and shops moving services.

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    Furniture Moving and Assembly

    House and office furniture dissembling, moving and re-assembling services.

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    Packages and Parcel Moving

    Packages, parcels and all your domestic and business transportation needs.

    Our Vehicles

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    • lorry for hire colombo

    Now Moving a House is Simple

    We provide all the required moving services and all you need to do is
    contact us and inform the task. We will take care the rest for you...

    077 83 83 383

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    What We Offer

    In Moving

    Moving goods is not just a simple task. It must be much responsible, safe, on time and must be done in a proper way. We as Niki Movers are well known in Colombo and around for our unparalleled services. We always care for your goods and items to be transported and our well trained staff will make sure to deliver the best service around.

    • Safety in Handling
    • Well Trained Staff
    • Best Vehicles
    • On Time Service
    • Reasonable Prices
    • No 1 Service